Skin Care

It Is a Natural Skin Beautifier.

Now Consider Skin Can Shed 30,000 Dead Skin Cells Every Minute & Generate 3.4 Fluid Ounces Of Sweat Every Day

While Average Person Spends 20 Seconds A Day Washing Face ; No Wonder Skin Becomes Dull & Pores Get Clogged.

So What Himalayan Salt Does To Your Skin ?

It’s a super Slugger

Pink Salt slough off dead skin cells and leaves skin super soft and smooth.

It plumps, not Puffs

Pink Salt is the best whenever your skin needs a plump and youthful refresh.

It takes deep cleansing even deeper

Pink salt’s natural antibacterial properties give your skin a refined and purified look and feel.

It Offers Long-lasting hydration

Pink Salt contains 84 minerals. These minerals help maintain the skin’s natural barrier, support hydration and keep out irritans.

It is deeply soothing

Pink salt soak is perfect for anyone dealing with skin irritation or sunburn- and the benefits even go beneath the skin to relieve SORE MUSCLES.

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