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From Digging Himalayan Salt To Display Himalayan Salt! We do it All

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Our first principal is honesty, which helps us meet the expectations we create.


Our commitment to our work and our clients is an unbreakable bond.


Passion drives us to perform better, progress continually and deliver timely.


Our team is always learning something new to get better at what they do.


Our team members are all about helping each other.

Our Goal Statement

HImalayan Pink Salt is the Purest Salt available on earth. Mined 1700 deep underneath the Himalayan Mountains, untouched by any pollutants , more than 250 million years old.

Himalayan Pink Salt Contains more than 84 naturally occurring minerals in it which are essential to human health and wellbeing. Our Goal at skincaresalt.com is to share the goodness of Pure Himalayan Salt with as many people as we possibly can through our Premium Skin Care Products made with Premium Quality Himalayan Salt and other natural ingredients.


Very good to soak

I love this product I use it in my bath regularly love the way it makes your skin feel and I also had a cut on my arm that I was having a hard time to get it healed I took a bath and soaked for 20 minutes the next morning I noticed the red color had lightened up the next bath I took the same got up the next morning and I could see it was starting to heal nicely very good product I use it all the time now

CRPS pain

I have CRPS. Look it up if you care but they swear by this stuff. I think maybe my tub is just awful. I didn't feel anything - but then again I wouldn't. They put needles in my legs and shocked them and I still felt nothing. I bet this works well for arthritis. Def great for soaking feet. Lets bring the foot bath back!!! You can soak and make tea at the same time! Do not do that. It was a joke.

Loved how the salt dissolved in the water

My goal is to take a bath every night with this added but so far have only managed one. Loved how the salt dissolved in the water, loved how it made my skin feel. Not sure if any of the health benefits (detox, sleep better etc) are working but that's okay. I'm more than happy to keep using it in my tub. Might even have to but the 55 pound (or whatever it is) so I don't run out (2.5 pounds per jar just might not cut it).

Will buy again

These are lovely salts, just the right size for a bath. Blended with essential oils, they make a relaxing, soothing bathing experience.


Good product, leaves a tiny bit not residue that is easy to come off with a few splashes of water. High in price, but I love the packaging.

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