How to Salt Bath

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How To Detox With Himalayan Salt Bath?

Pour the whole Jar of Himalayan Salt Detox to a standard size bathtub filled to your comfort for creating Brine Bath or ⅓ of Jar for a casual Bath

Aim for a water temperature of two degrees warmer than your body temperature to experience the healing benefits of the pink salt bath.

Soak in the tub for 15 to 20 minutes or your desired time.

How to prepare Detoxifying Himalayan Salt Brine Bath at home?

Himalayan salt has an intense mineral concentration that helps hydrate your skin, increase blood circulation throughout the body, and balance your pH levels. Pink Himalayan salt is one of nature’s most potent and wholesome ingredients with 84 minerals naturally present in it. It offers a wide variety of benefits for your skin and health other than its aesthetic pink color.

How does this
simple ingredient benefit you if added to your bath regimen? It promotes natural cell growth by absorbing the minerals into your skin in the form of ions. Through a process called osmosis, your body releases the toxins entrapped in your skin into the bath water. In addition to its detoxifying properties, taking a salt bath is linked to stimulating natural healing by helping to improve the vibration pattern in your body.

What is a Brine Bath?

First let me explain what a Brine Bath is? Brine or Salt Water Bath is when you soak yourself in concentrated salt water for about 20-25 minutes and let the salt minerals penetrate into your skin in the form of ions.

Important steps to prepare a detoxifying salt bath


How much salt must be added for a perfect brine bath? It is important to be mindful of the salt concentration when preparing a salt bath (it is often the step that is most neglected). An average bathtub requires about 27 to 30 gallons of water, so it is important to add at least 2.2 pounds of Himalayan pink salt. Our Jar size is 2.2 lbs which makes it realy easy to create the brine solution, just pour the whole jar, no need to measure in cups.


When adding himalayan salt to the water, the water should be at a temperature around 97 degrees Fahrenheit. 97°F is the perfect temperature for a bath as the heat increases your body temperature, improves blood circulation, and allows you to relax your muscles. Salt is a wonderful chemical by nature , its molecules move in a unique rhythm and it helps to maintain the temperature of water in the bathtub for at least 25-30 minutes.


Soak yourself in the bath for about 20-30 minutes to allow the salt to work its detoxifying properties.

4. Take shower before the brine bath

Don't take shower after the salt bath.


After soaking, allow your body to dry naturally instead of rinsing off in the shower. Allow yourself to rest for at least 30 minutes after the bath.

Best time to Detox

Brine Bath is believed to have special effects on full moon and new moon nights!

Full Moon

On full moon night your body’s absorption powers are strong, hence the reason you will take in most of the minerals from the bath.

New Moon Night

On new moon night is when your body’s ability to detox is strongest, and it’s a good time for a cleansing bath. This cleanse is said to be as effective for a three-day fast as well.

Soak This Up ! Himalayan Salt Soak Can Help Inflammation & Pain

Soaking in Salt water is the oldest form of alternative therapy which has been tested and proven right time and again.

Soaking in Himalayan Salt Water for 20 minutes will drift the aces and pain away

Soaking in Himalayan Salt Water is the perfect post workout recovery tool for active and busy individuals.

Himalayan Salt is free of chemical additives and environmental influences.

Our Premium Quality Himalayan salt blended with highly effective essential oils help gently soothe overworked joints and muscles to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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